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River of Eden is published by OakTara Publishing LLC, Waterford, VA. The company was founded by Jeff Nesbit and Ramona Tucker, two veterans of the publishing world, to create opportunities for new, talented Christian writers, and to promote leading edge inspirational fiction by established authors.

River of Eden

ISBN: 978-1602902428


In 2024, millions perish when Kuwait unleashes a horrific biological attack upon Iraq. During the ensuing chaos, videvangelist John "Reverend Rock" Hawke emerges as the unlikely champion against Kuwait, now renamed Pishon after a legendary river that flowed out of Eden. Convinced that John is secretly conspiring with the enigmatic Emir, Chicago Daily Chronicle reporter Rebekah Berman sets out to uncover the truth.
Global superpowers retaliate, but their nuclear weapons inexplicably detonate in their firing tubes, causing nightmarish ecological disasters. Reverend and reporter now become uncomfortable allies and travel to a wondrous New Babylon to face a man of giant proportions who claims to be a descendant of demons. As Armageddon looms closer, Rebekah can't shake the feeling that there's something else going on...and discovers an astonishing secret that challenges everything she believes!



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Paul is currently working on a new thriller-Lions of Judah-that teams an Islamic FBI agent with a Mossad operative in a  race against time to find a mysterious, enigmatic killer whose victims' bloodlines can be traced back to the original twelve tribes of Israel...and hold the clues to a global catastrophe 6,000 years in the making!


And watch for the return or journalist Rebekah Berman in a thrilling story now under development that pits the fiesty Jewish skeptic against a cadre of new enemies–both carnal and supernatural. Once again, she must unite with the unlikeliest of allies as judgement day looms even closer and key biblical prophesies are perfectly fulfilled in chilling and wholly unexpected ways!

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